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Anthony Arthur Smith

Professor of Philosophy at Iowa State University.

Anthony Arthur Smith (born in Providence, 1951) is a scolar and philosopher. He studied at Boston College and State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1980 as well as the University of Munich and the University of Tubingen

Catherine Samary

Economist, specialist on Balkans and Eastern Europe. She has been active in several internationalist associations since the 1960s. Founding member of Espaces Marx. Member of the scientific council of the French association ATTAC.

Livio Maitan

Livio Maitan (Venice, April 1, 1923—September 16, 2004), scholar, activist and organic intelectual.

Livio Maitan

He graduated in Classics (lettere classiche) from the University of Padua, and became politically active during the years of the Nazi occupation of Italy, and was subsequently a leading member of the Italian Socialist Youth.

Ernest Mandel

Ernest Ezra Mandel, also known by various pseudonyms such as Ernest Germain, Pierre Gousset, Henri Vallin, Walter etc. (b. Frankfurt April 5, 1923 - d. Brussels July 20, 1995), became known as economist, activist and humanist through his important contributions to contemprorary marxist economy and his active participation in a decade of struggles.

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