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Participants in the 2012 School. Professor Kwame Nimake is first on the left.

For the second year, the IIRE will be hosting the Summer School on Black Europe (24th June-5th July), which reaches now it’s sixth edition. We publish an interview we had with Professor Kwame Nimako, the main organiser, at the end of last year’s session.

Now that the Seminar is approaching its end, we would like you to tell us something about this seminar and what have you been discussing these last two weeks.

Last April, the Clean Clothes Campaign held a series of workshops and a seminar at the IIRE from the 18th until the 23rd of April. We had planned a short article and interview with the organisers. But then the catastrophe in Dhaka, Bangladesh arrived.

Instead of an article, we publish the urgent appeal by the Clean Clothes Campaign: www.cleanclothes.org/news

The webside Europe-Solidaire published an appeal for support to the victims, by Alam Badrul, president of the national Krishok Federation, a Bangladeshi Farmers Union,.


More general information on the Clean Clothes Campaign, see the following link:


IIRE Working Paper nº 34: Nadia De Mond, " Origine et nature du patriarcat – Une vision féministe"

Cet article est la transcription de l’exposé donné par Nadia De Mond lors de l’École Écosocialiste de novembre-décembre 2012 à l’Institut.

L’oppression des femmes y est discutée sur la base d’une analyse marxiste et féministe. La dernière partie parle des minorités sexuelles et des développements récents concernant les identités sexuelles.

Nadia De Mond est membre de la direction de  Sinistra Critica (Italie) et membre de l’IIRF. Elle continue a jouer un rôle important dans l’animation de la Marche Mondiale des Femmes en Italie et dans les Forum Sociaux. Elle est membre de la Commission Femmes de la Quatrième Internationale.


From the 20th to the 31st august 2013 the IIRE holds it's 8th Youth School. 23 young activists from eight different countries (Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Spanish State, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Philippines) participate in the session. During these ten days, they live together, self organising the practical life in the institute, attending the lectures and discussing their content and the social and political situation in their different countries.

The IIRE staff is recording video and audios of the lectures, and posting them together with the reading materials for each day, thus making the school accesible to a wide audience.

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