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Europe on the Brink; Debt Crisis and Dissent in the European Community

Europe is suffering from a bipolar economic disorder. Financial journalists divide the continent into two groups of nations - centre and periphery - not by geography but by credit rating. Europe on the Brink is a critical investigation of the root causes of this sovereign debt crisis, and the often misguided policy choices made to resolve it. This much-needed book offers a heterodox economic perspective on the causes, symptoms and solutions of the biggest economic issue currently facing Europe.

Historical speech by Leon Trotsky in 1939:

Leon trotsky

Speech by Leon Trotsky to the American comrades in 1939 , on the
occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Communist league of America
(later renamed in Socialist Workers Party) and the foundation of the
fourth international.

Trotsky-10th-anniversity-of-the -left-opposition1.mp3

Trotsky-10th-anniversity-of-the -left-opposition2.mp3

Trotsky-10th-anniversity-of-the -left-opposition3.mp3

Your help is needed to publish an exciting new book.

Returns of Marxism was the name given to a seminar series that took place at the IIRE. The title of the series was intended to highlight the return of the discussion of Marxist themes. In recent years we have witnessed a renewed interest in Marx's thought, as a younger generation of scholars and activists have rediscovered Marx as a crucial source for the critique of the neo-liberal face of capitalism. In times of crisis like ours, there's a need for radical critiques of exploitation, inequality and alienation. Marx's thought is an immensely rich resource for such critiques.


The Fifth LGBT seminar at the IRE is taking place from July 26 to July 29. These seminars are gatherings of activists in LGBT movements from around the world who are committed to radical anti-capitalist politics. The aim of the LGBT Seminar is to share and develop ideas on the most pressing topics concerning the struggle for human rights in the LGBT community, debate about strategies for LGBT liberation , and discuss how to participate in LGBT struggles on the basis of an anti-capitalist political project.

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