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March 30: The Left and social movements in Trump's USA

19 March 2018
Donald Trump's election as president sent shock waves around the world. In the US, his racist and sexist rhetoric has emboldened the far right. His administration is attacking the social gains that remain from the New Deal and Great Society and adopting even more policies to benefit the rich and big business.  At the same time, leftist organizations have been growing, millions of women have been mobilizing, Black Lives Matter is continuing its campaigns, and recently in West Virginia striking teachers won a significant victory.  The IIRE is holding an evening discussion on these political developments in the US and the left's response in organizing against Trump's agenda.

Apoyar la escuela ecosocialista

28 September 2017

Como cada año, a finales de noviembre y principios de diciembre, el IIRE organiza una escuela internacional de tres semanas para activistas socialistas. Esta escuela Ecosocialista es una oportunidad única para que las y los activistas se reúnan, aprendan e intercambien experiencias y construyan redes. Para facilitar la participación en la escuela, mantenemos los costos de la misma tan bajos como nos es posible y si es necesario, ayudamos a financiar los costos del viaje para activistas del sur global.

September 7: Automation and the Future of Work. Talk by Aaron Benanav

26 September 2017

In the first lecture of Radical Futures talks series, Aaron Benanav critically discussed new economic theories of the "rise of the robots," which claim that rapidly unfolding processes of computerization and robotization are the main causes of growing problems of unemployment and underemployment worldwide. The lecture discusses the real reasons behind the rise of a global precarious workforce and explores the consequences of these global developments for workers' struggles today.

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