By Joost Kircz

A preliminary remark

The term scientific socialism did get a negative connotation due to the usages of this term in the Stalinist tradition for a system of mental rules that claimed to cover all human experiences, investigations and advancements. As a result of this mechanical so-called dialectic materialism (Diamat), the revolutionary left turned away from the issue, developed a sometimes more, sometimes less adequate critique but did not counter it with a full answer to the real underlaying question of methodology. This lack of a fundamental understanding of the vast problem area of how we actually have to face, analyse and henceforward develop a revolutionary praxis remains a fundamental obstacle in the development of contemporary revolutionary theory.

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white_phosphorus_over_gaza.jpgThis question is ever so urgent to discuss, in order to advance concrete proposals and the work of solidarity as bombs fall over Gaza and the number of innocent victims increases from day to day. Mid-February, IIRE will hold it Palestine Seminar, bringing together progressive activists from several Arab countries and Israel, as well as experts and activists dealing with the Middle East from Europe, North America and the Philippines. IIRE relies on donations from its friends in order to provide travel grants to activists from the Arab world and Asia, and to organise translation between English, French and Arabic. If you would like to help facilitate this gathering of progressive forces, in order to develop a radical alternative to imperialism, genocide and religious fundamentalism, kindly use the link below to donate. Every donation is appreciated.