Since 1982, the existence of the International Institute for Research and Education in Amsterdam (IIRE-Amsterdam) has been instrumental in bringing together activists from all inhabited continents for critical exchanges of thoughts and experiences in the daily struggle for emancipation of all oppressed peoples of the world.
A year has past since the world fell into the deepest economic crisis since the 1930s and the end is nowhere in sight. Vulnerable groups like youth, migrants and precarious workers will be especially hard hit.

Cette année, avec 24 participantes, 12 hommes et 12 femmes, du Danemark, de la Belgique, de la France, des Philippines, de l'État Espagnol et de la Turquie, l'école a été un vrai succès.


All the participants in the fourth LGBT seminar held at the IIRE in July 2009 were extremely positive about what they had had gained from sharing the three days of discussion and debate on key issues facing LGBT people working in an anti-capitalist framework.