Saturday’s Gramsci conference in Amsterdam turned out to be a big success, both in terms of participation and discussions.


With 120 registration, much more than expected, the organisers were forced to turn down people who wanted to participate.


On Saturday the IIRE hosted, in corporation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam, a one-day seminar on the legacy and relevance of Gramsci’s thought today.

The composition of the audience was very various: students, academics, workers and a good gender balance. There were also many young people, mainly students, who came in order to understand the revolutionary thought of Antonio Gramsci. The participant came form different backgrounds, and people even took the trip from Turkey, Germany and Belgium to attend the conference.


A Difficult Love Affair? On the Relation Between Marxism and Theology

Roland Boer

October 2007

Abstract: From the moment Marx and Engels became involved with the League of the Just, Marxism has always had a long and often difficult relation with theology and the Bible. Some of the leading figures of the twentieth century were no exception - Althusser, Adorno, Gramsci, Lefebvre, Eagleton are just a few. And in our own day we have the rush of engagements with Paul's Letters in the New Testament by thinkers on the Left. In light of my recent book, Criticism of Heaven: On Marxism and Theology, as well as the next book, Criticism of Religion, I ask why Marxism and theology seem to be so close, why they argue so much, and what it means for both of them. Does it weaken them or are they stronger for the connection?


for understanding and
attempting to change the world

In recent years we have seen a renewed interest in Marxism worldwide. New generation is discovering the fertility of the many traditions of Marxism for understanding and attempting to change the world. This seminar series aims to bring together scholars, writers and activists from different fields in order to discuss the relevance of Marxist ideas for contemporary debates. One seminar will be held regularly each month, with occasional lectures by visitors at other times. Returns of Marxism is presented by the International Institute of Research and Education. In order to receive regular updates and newsletters, please register by sending an e-mail to


Tuesday,10th, June, 7.30 p.m.

Bastiaan van Apeldoorn, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

US imperialism and Marxist perspectives on geopolitics

 A documentary by Chris Den Hond 

 “These gentlemen don’t fear ideas that float in the air, that are written on paper, or that appear in printed or spoken form. What they fear is organization – organized action, organized attempts to bring these ideas to fruition.”

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