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Former directors

Former directors

Alex Merlo

24 February 2017

Alex Merlo studied Philosophy in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and in the Université Paris I - Sorbonne. He has been a student activist and member of Izquierda Anticapitalista in the Spanish State and the NPA in France.
Alex is trilingual in Castillian, French and English.
He is a former director of the IIRE.

Marijke Colle

16 January 2016

Marijke Colle studied Biology at the Ghent State University, from 1965 until 1970. She was always interested in ecology and the protection of the environment. As a student, she was active in radical left movements, in solidarity with the May 68 Revolt and in the campaigns against the Vietnam War. She became a founding member of the RAL/LRT, Belgian Section of the Fourth International in 1970. The seventies were also the start of the women’s movement in Belgium.

François Vercammen

16 June 2015

François Vercammen, a fellow of the IIRE and a Belgian leader of the Fourth International (FI), died at age of 69, on June 16, 2015

François, together with Pierre Rousset, was instrumental in establishing the International Institute for Research and Education in Amsterdam. From 1982 to 1985,he was one of the co-directors of the IIRE. As director of the IIRE's Brussels research centre he worked especially on developing links between leftist forces across Europe and studying the development of the European Union.

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