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Características de las experiencias en curso en Venezuela, Ecuador y Bolivia

16 September 2008

Por Éric Toussaint



En América Latina, si exceptuamos a Cuba, podemos señalar tres grandes categorías de gobiernos. En primer lugar, los gobiernos de derecha, aliados de Washington, que desempeñan un papel activo en la región y ocupan una posición estratégica: son los de Álvaro Uribe en Colombia, Alan García en Perú y Felipe Calderón en México.

Argentina: The clash over rent

25 June 2008

By IIRE Fellow Claudio Katz, June 2008.



The prolonged conflict between ruralismo and the government has resulted in an exhausting political battle. The first bloc aims to hoard the agrarian rent at the cost of the popular majority, and the government needs to exhibit authority in order to implant a social pact that favours the capitalist class as a whole.

Is there a long term solution for the conflict in Palestine?

14 February 2008

This question is ever so urgent to discuss, in order to advance concrete proposals and the work of solidarity as bombs fall over Gaza and the number of innocent victims increases from day to day. Mid-February, IIRE will hold it Palestine Seminar, bringing together progressive activists from several Arab countries and Israel, as well as experts and activists dealing with the Middle East from Europe, North America and the Philippines.

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