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IIRE Youth School 2015: building a movement of anti-capitalist youth

20 August 2015

School ended on 31 August. Around 20 activists gathered for ten days to discuss politics and study issues facing the anti-capitalists today.
The program included topics such as the development of marxist thought, the euro-crisis, the role of imperialism in the Middle-East and beyond, and questions of political organizing.


Each day started with a lecture on a certain topic, followed by discussion among the participants and lecturers. The participants came from eight countries, from Mexico to France, from Denmark to Pakistan, giving a real internationalist content to the debates during the school.

The evaluation of the school was very positive. As one of the participants put it, the school is an important opportunity for 'young activists involved in the reconstruction of an international revolutionary movement'.

Youth school 2015

Looking forward to IIRE Youth School 2016!


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