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Former directors

Former directors

Peter Drucker

16 January 2016

Dr. Peter Drucker, a graduate of Yale (BA magna cum laude in history, 1979) and Columbia (PhD in political science, 1994) Universities, was IIRE Co-Director from 1993 to 2006. Since leaving the IIRE staff he has continued his close association with the institute as a Fellow. He teaches at the great majority of IIRE sessions, uses the institute as a base for his research, and continues to help shape its curriculum as an active member of its committee on education.

François Vercammen

16 June 2015

François Vercammen, a fellow of the IIRE and a Belgian leader of the Fourth International (FI), died at age of 69, on June 16, 2015

François, together with Pierre Rousset, was instrumental in establishing the International Institute for Research and Education in Amsterdam. From 1982 to 1985,he was one of the co-directors of the IIRE. As director of the IIRE's Brussels research centre he worked especially on developing links between leftist forces across Europe and studying the development of the European Union.

François Vercammen

17 June 2015

Notre ami et camarade belge François Vercammen est décédé ce mardi 16 juin, 2015

François était malade depuis des années et, depuis quelques mois, soigné dans une institution. Il s’est éteint paisiblement, en présence de sa compagne, Leen, entouré de l’affection de ses proches. La vie politique consciente de François a été entièrement consacrée à la lutte pour l’émancipation des exploité-e-s et des opprimé-e-s.

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