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An appeal for the Women's Seminar

7 June 2017
Women's Day march

In 2015 a number of you gave generous donations to help us hold the FI women's seminar. We are having another seminar this year with the specific goal of deepening the discussion around the texts proposed for the upcoming (2018) World Congress and integrating a feminist dimension into their analysis and perspectives. These are available here. In particular as you can imagine we are planning to discuss the significance of what seems to be new upsurge in the feminist movemen starting in Latin America and continuing notably through the 21 January mobilisations against Trump this year and the calls for women's strikes for 8 March this year - as we have outlined in articles in our press. For this of course the presence of comrades from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico and other Latin America countries is particularly important. And we also want to ensure the presence of comrades from Asia and would like if possible to have women from the Middle East and Africa. As you know the costs not only of travel but obtaining visas, airport taxes and so on is a heavy burden for the comrades themselves and we can only guarantee a limited budget for travel aid from our own resources. So we are obliged also to call on generous friends such as yourselves. Please consider making a donation, through PayPal or bank transfer to help make the seminar a success. Practical information is here - please mention 'women's seminar',

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