Egyptian socialist Taher Mokhtar will give a talk on the development of the political and social situation in Egypt from the January 2011 Revolution, passing through the Muslim Brotherhood era, and the return of a staunch military dictatorship. He will also discuss the situation of the revolutionary left in Egypt, the social movements and workers' mobilizations.

Taher Mokhtar is a member of the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists (RS).

Tuesday, March 31
Time: 19.30

The women’s commission of the Fourth International is organising a women’s seminar from 4th of 8th July inclusive.

We want to strengthen our analysis and theory in order better to participate in current discussions in the feminist movement and also integrate the different generations of women members of the Fourth International in these debates.

In recent years, postcolonial theory has emerged as the most influential scholarly framework for understanding the Global South. It is known for its criticism of Western theories, especially Marxism, and as not only being inadequate but even complicit in Europe’s imperial project. But while the concerns of postcolonial theory are legitimate, its alternatives are not.  In fact, under the guise of its critique of Eurocentrism, the theory has resurrected many of the oldest European myths about the East.  Through an examination of some key postcolonial thinkers, we show that it fails both as a framework and as political critique.

Vivek Chibber is a professor of sociology at New York University. His latest book is Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital.

Thursday, March 5, 20.00

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