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Evening lectures

March 5: lecture by Vivek Chibber 'The Promise and Perils of Postcolonial Theory'
Vivek Chibber

In recent years, postcolonial theory has emerged as the most influential scholarly framework for understanding the Global South. It is known for its criticism of Western theories, especially Marxism, and as not only being inadequate but even complicit in Europe’s imperial project.

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December 11: Lecture by Robin Blackburn
Lecture by Robin Blackburn

This lecture examines the role of anti-slavery and slave resistance in the elaboration of 'human rights' and the misappropriation of such ideas by Western colonialism and militarism. Robin Blackburn is a historian and sociologist, and one of New Left Review’s editors. Blackburn teaches at the New School in New York and the University of Essex in the UK.

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October 16: The Kurdish struggle against IS
kobane poster-1-page1

We will be discussing the Rojava experience, current situation, the position of the Turkish State, the ways of solidarity with the resisting people of Kobane, and the position of the Dutch State. The event will be in English and Dutch. Confirmed speakers: Sheruan Hassan (PYD Spokesman) Nuri Karabulut (DIDF) Sadet Karabulut (SP Member of Parliament) A recommended donation will be asked to be se

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Conference and Debate with Eufrosina Cruz
Eufrosina Cruz

On the 21st of March, the IIRE will proudly host a debate with Eufrosina Cruz, in collaboration with the Indigenous Movement and Movies That Matter Festival. Eufrosina Cruz 

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Lively discussion with Anja Meulenbelt
geen feminisme zonder socialisme

On invitation of TENK, a network of left-wing activists and scholars, Dutch socialist-feminist Anja Meulenbelt came to the IIRE to speak about her current project, a new book on the left and feminism. Meulenbelt looked back at the second wave of feminism in the Netherlands in which she played a prominent role and her classic 1976 book 'Feminisme en Socialisme'.

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Hot marxism and Liberation Theology in Latin America
Luis Martínez Andrade

On Wednesday 21st of November, the IIRE hosted a presentation of the book "Religión sin redención:Contradicciones sociales y sueños despiertos en América Latina" by its author Luis Martínez Andrade. Here are the recordings:

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Boots Riley and The Coup in the IIRE
Boots Riley

On Sunday the 8th April 2012 Boots Riley, the legendary anticapitalist MC from the hip-hop band The Coup, visited the IIRE for a public talk on the Occupy movement and the General Strike in Oakland.
Followed by a concert of The Coup in the neighbour venue Studio/K. See a presentation of both events in this video.


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Video: A Radical Approach to Humanitarian Relief

A Radical Approach to Humanitarian Relief from IIRE on Vimeo.

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Evening lecture: A Radical Approach to Humanitarian Relief

Natural disasters are becoming more and more a central issue of politics in the Third World, which is situated in the crossroad of socio-economical exploitation, and capitalist climate change. The answer to these catastrophes has often been taken on by independent NGO's and international agencies, both in the countries affected and in the First World countries where the funds are gathered.

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Video lecture: Detlef Hartmann in the IIRE

The magazine Jaarboek Kritiek organised on Friday the 27th of January a debate with the German activist Detlef Hartmann. More than thirty people were present.

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Public meeting: What way out of the debt crisis?

17 november, 8pm - IIRE Conference Center 

* Lessons from Argentina by Claudio Katz, economist, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* The crisis in Europe and the struggle for the abolition of the debt  by Eric Toussaint, President of the CADTM (Committee for the Abolition of the Third World Debt) 

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IIRE hosts LGTB - Cuban evening debate
Mariela Castro

On Monday, 24 October, IIRE hosted a closed roundtable discussion for 25 local LGBT activists with Mariela Castro Espín, director of Cuba’s national centre for sexual education (Cenesex) and daughter of the late revolutionary feminist Vilma Espín Guillois, and Camilo García, International Relations Officer of Cenesex and member of the Cuban Communist Party.

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September 27: Socialist Humanism recordings

"To answer questions about values, human nature and material needs it is necessary to formulate a vision on what it means to be human, and on the development of human society. Instead of leading to constrictions on human freedom such a vision can give direction to human life and to new possibilities to change our lives. Read more

27th of September: Lecture: 'The meaning and relevance of a socialist humanism'
Christoph Jünk

Anybody who is politically active and discussed with others about the possibility of a different society will have heard arguments like 'what you want is all very nice but it will never work, that is just not the way people are'. Ecological activists are confronted with the question what human needs need to be fulfilled to ensure a good life.

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Public meeting: The Radical Left in Indonesia
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