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Ecosocialist School

Ecosocialist School

Global Justice School 2009

28 November 2009

With over 25 participants from 16 different countries, the 2009 IIRE Global Justice School, entitled Global Justice and the Capitalist Crisis took place from 28 November to 19 December.

Topics covered at this session included analyses of the current crisis from economic, gender, ethnic and ecological perspectives, in addition to regional experiences in Europe and Latin America.



Global Justice School 2005

1 June 2005

Successful Global Justice School

A highly successful school on the theme of globalization took place at the IIRE over three weeks in June 2005. There were in all 21 participants (counting the two interpreters, who both took an active part in the school). Of these 6 were from Asia, 7 from Europe and 8 from Latin America. Seven of the participants were women. The school took place in English and Castilian, with roughly half the participants participating in each language.

Globalization School 2001

3 November 2001

Resistance to Neoliberal Globalization Felt at the IIRE

The two years since the Seattle World Trade Organization summit and protests of December 1999 have been years of rapidly rising resistance to neoliberal globalization. In February 2001 the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, brought together thousands of people participating in this resistance, particularly from Latin America and Europe. At our Globalization on 3-24 November this rise in resistance was felt here at the IIRE.

North-South School 2000

4 November 2000

North-South School 2000: Focus on Africa, Islam, Women

From 4 to 25 November 2000, 18 people from 12 different countries came to the IIRE for the North-South School. The school was conducted in French and English, which made possible a strong turnout from sub-Saharan Africa: five of the 18, two each from Senegal and Mali and one from Congo-Brazzaville. This was the first IIRE session in which someone came specially from Africa to give a report on Africa, and it was certainly one of our best reports ever on the continent!

North-South School 1999

21 October 1999

2nd North-South School more than double 1st

When we predicted that the October-November 1999 North-South School would benefit from 1998's success, we had no idea how right we were. The result was a session that one young Brazilian participant described as 'unforgettable'.

Global Justice School

31 December 2007

Our first one-month 'New Questions' School was held in 1995. Over the years these sessions have built on and synthesized innovations in the IIRE curriculum going back to our first years. In many ways more seminars than lecture courses, they are meant for established progressive leaders who are re-examining past assumptions. Wrestling with a range of different themes, participants focus on the implications of a changing world economy and on challenges to old ways of organizing.

Ecosocialist School 2015

24 November 2015

Saturday 21 November to Friday 11 December 2015 our yearly ecosocialist school took place again. A total of 15 activists from Sri Lanka, US, Denmark, Spanish State, Belgium, Haiti, Cameroon, Mali, Colombia, Mexico, India, Turkey and Indonesia took part in the course. This was our third Ecosocialist School.

Ecosocialist School 2014 - 3 weeks course for social movement activists

21 November 2014

This November, activists from all over the world will get together for three weeks to discuss and study global affairs from a Marxist perspective. This course is a unique opportunity to go in depth with developments that challenge social movements. How to understand and respond to the economic crisis? How are social movements affected by climate change? What are the implications of post-colonial struggles and quick political changes? These are some of the key issues raised at the annual Ecosocialist School, hosted by the IIRE in Amterdam.

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