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IIRE Manila

Since 2008 the IIRE Amsterdam has been cooperating closely with its sister organization in Manila, in the Philippines. The mission of the IIRE Manila is similar to that of the IIRE Amsterdam, with a special focus on Asia. We cooperate on organizing courses and our fellows and staff contribute the activities of the IIRE Manila. They organize a yearly Asian Global Justice School which has been a great step forward in building an Asian network of anti-capitalist activists and organizations. The IIRE Amsterdam provides organizational support to the IIRE Manila and cooperates with them in preparing courses.

The IIRE-Manila made a huge step forward in its second Global Justice School in August, with 22 attendees discussing context, movements and on alternative organizing for change. It can confirm that ten organisations are likely to take part in the third school, in the summer of 2011, and that numerous seminars will take part at the Manila campus before then. However, financial support remains needed to help participants to travel to Manila.

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Ecosocialist School, IIRE Manila
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