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16 september: Herdenking Henk Sneevliet 75 jaar (1942-2017)

11 September 2017
Verkiezingsposter Henk Sneevliet

Op 16 september 2017 zal een extra herdenking plaatsvinden op het IIRE in Amsterdam. Het is een gevarieerd programma met o.a. sprekers met onderwerpen die in het teken staan van de strijd die Henk Sneevliet en zijn medestanders hebben gevoerd en waarvoor ze 75 jaar geleden werden vermoord, zang van het koor Melange Rood en een film over Sneevliet.

An internationalist learning experience

1 September 2017

For over 20 years, the IIRE has organized educational courses for young socialist activists. Since moving to the Lombokstraat, the IIRE has organized a youth-school every year, each with around 20-25 participants. The course provides an intensive introduction to Marxist theory and examinations of current struggles, especially focusing on issues that are relevant for youth movements. Responses from participants in our schools have been very positive.

In Memoriam Peter Waterman

21 June 2017

On June 16 our friend Peter Waterman (1936 - 2017) passed away. Peter was a dedicated internationalist activist as well as a scholar of social movements. He was active in the trade union movement, and later the Global Justice movement, playing an important role in the World Social Forum. He studied at the International Institute for Social Studies in The Hague. On South Asian Citizens Web, the following tribute was published.

Financial appeal to translate and publish Livio Maitan's 'Towards a history of the Fourth International'

25 April 2017
The IIRE is raising funds for the English translation of Livio Maitan's Per una storia della IV internazionale: la testimonianza di un comunista controcorrente. In this book, Livio Maitan (1923-2004) relates his experience of being a revolutionary communist during the second half of the 20th Century.
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