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A conversation about the Ecosocialist School of 2019

7 December 2019

At the end of the year, in November and December we had our yearly Ecosocialist School. Two comrades from the US recorded a conversation looking back the school, speaking about what were for them the high points of the course.

Listen to the conversation here for an impression of the 2019 Ecosocialist Schoo.

In addition to participation from countries that are regularly represented at our courses (Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Philippines, Colombia, Argentina, Philippines, Sri Lanka), we also had for the first time in many years participation from Russia and India with a total of 19 participants. One of our participants, Stephen Mahood from the US group Solidarity wrote; ‘This has been an absolute amazing experience with multilingual daily lectures on historical Marxism, imperialism and geopolitical challenges, global capitalism today, Latin America and the rise of the right, among so many others [...] with a world of experiences on all these topics coming out in great discussion and debates and above all the importance of internationalism and the role of our international. For those that can relate it was like two years of grad school courses packed into 3 weeks and then some!’

The full program was as follows:

Saturday 16 November,
15.00 Introduction to the school

Sunday 17 November
1 The historical materialist method.
Alex Merlo

Monday 18 November
2 Introduction to Marxist Economy
Alex Merlo

Tuesday 19 November
3 The working class today
Maral Jefroudi

Wednesday 20 November
4 Women's movements fighting for gender and sexual liberation.
Nadia de Mond

Thursday 21 November
5 Anti-racism.
Foti Benlisoy

Friday 22 November
6 Relationship human society/nature, productivism.
Marijke Colle

Saturday 23 November
Free day

Sunday 24 November
7 Imperialism and geopolitical disorder in the 21st century.
Peter Drucker

Monday 25 November
8 Global capitalism today
Daniel Albarracin

Tuesday 26 November
9 Reactionary movements. Fundamentalism, nationalism, sexism.
Alex de Jong

Wednesday 27 November
10 Social movements in Asia.
Alex de Jong

Thursday 28 November
11 Neocolonialism and resistance in Africa.

Friday 29 November
Free Day

Saturday 30 November
12 Latin America: rise of the right, struggles of the left.
Sebastien Brulez

Sunday 1 December
13 Struggles in the Middle-East.

Monday 2 December
14 EU imperialism.
Alda Sousa

Tuesday 3 December
15 climate change and social transformation.
Manuel Gari Ramos

Wednesday 4 December
16 'Socialism or Barbarism' today: the centrality of self-emancipation.
Catherine Samary

Thursday 5 December
17 The feminist challenge in changing society, feminizing our perspectives and our movements.
Penny Duggan

Friday 6 December
18 The strategic importance of internationalism and the role of an international.
Penny Duggan

Saturday 7 December
Evaluation, cleaning

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