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Ecosocialist School 2016

19 December 2016

From November 18 to Friday December 9, our annual Ecosocialist School took place. We had participants applications from Belgium, France, South Africa, Indonesia, Argentina, Germany, France, USA, Lebanon, Denmark, and Venezuela.

Participants discussed and studied issues such as the current economic turbulence, how social movements are affected by climate change, the continuing impact of imperialism and neo-colonialism, and worldwide women's movements.

As in previous years, the international background of the participants made stimulating and rich discussions possible. One participant wrote the school 'gave new ideas and insights concerning approaches on how to make a difference. I loved being able to meet people from so many different countries and backgrounds […] I very much enjoyed not only studying, but also cooking, cleaning and working with the other, since it gave me the opportunity to connect on another level with the comrades.'

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