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27th of may: Crisis in Europe: an anticapitalist perspective

27 May 2009

The current economic crisis shows once again that economical and political developments don't end at national borders. Some politicians draw the conclusion that the European Union should play a greater role in handling crises like this one. However, according to critics the EU itself is part of the problem because it propagates the same kind of neoliberal policies that were a factor in causing this crisis. What would a left-wing, Europe-wide approach to the crisis look like?

What kind of 'Europe' do we need for such an approach? Is it possible
to make the EU more democratic and social? If so, how? In cooperation
with the IIRE Grenzeloos is organising a debate about these questions
with speakers from France and Germany. They will discuss their
experiences with European politics and the alternatives their
organisations put forward.


The speakers are:

Anne Leclerc (Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste)

Willem Bos (SAP/Grenzeloos and Comité Ander Europa)

Thomas Goes (Die Linke)

27th of May 20.00
Lombokstraat 40, Amsterdam

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