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Susan Caldwell

16 January 2016
Susan Caldwell

Formerly our co-director (2000-2004), Dr. Caldwell is a long-time internationalist revolutionary feminist and political and trade-union activist. She was a regional leader for the World March of Women and author of the forthcoming book “A Primer on Women and Revolution: Gendered Class Analysis and a New Praxis” (Mexico City: Jorale Editores S.A. de C.V., 2011). Her lectures and workshops in Europe, Mexico and Cuba have covered such topics as Women’s Liberation and Class Analysis; Social Science Research Methodologies; and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching on the Internet. Dr. Caldwell taught psychology at Dawson College in Montréal for 30 years as well as online courses for State University of New York on critical historical perspective to the news media for 10 years.

A leader of Gauche socialiste in Québec, she now is active in Québec solidaire. She retired in 2005 to focus on writing … and enjoying her 11 grandchildren, especially her youngest granddaughter Maya who lives with Susan’s son Omar and his partner Nathalie just next door.


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