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Daniel Bensaïd (1997): Stalinism against communism

11 June 2024
Work at White Sea Canal (Belomorkanal) in the Soviet Union (from october 16, 1931 until august 30, 1933).Most of the work was done manually by forced labour.

This text was originally published in 1997 as a supplement to Rouge. Writing in response to The Black Book of Communism, Bensaïd discusses the Stalinist counter-revolution.i

Daniel Bensaïd (2008): Myths and legends of domination

20 March 2024

In 1964 Herbert Marcuse asked in One-Dimensional Man whether it was still possible to ‘break the vicious circle of domination’.i In other words, he questioned whether revolution was still possible in developed capitalist countries, where ‘the pure form of domination’ had taken shape. The working class, now linked to the system of needs ‘but not to its negation’,ii seemed bound to lose all its subversive capacity in the ‘affluent society’.

Ernest Mandel (1989): The cost of the defeated German revolutions

14 March 2024

Three defeats of the German revolution


On the occasion of the bicentenary celebrations of the Great French Revolution of 1789, there was an intense public controversy in France, Great Britain and the United States about the alleged ‘excessive costs’ of this revolution.i The conquest of human rights, so far, so good. But what about the deaths caused by the Terror and those of the Vendée uprisings?


Daniel Bensaïd: The rhythms of capital. On Mandel's The Long Waves of Capitalist Development

19 February 2024

At the end of the Second World War, the revolutionary movement faced an unexpected situation.i The bureaucratic Soviet regime had not only survived the war, but appeared to be expanding in Eastern Europe. Capitalism, out of breath in the 1930s, seemed to be regaining strength.

Daniel Bensaïd (2005): A fragment on Fanon

26 January 2024

As a motto to the conclusion of Black Skin, White Masks, Fanon quotes Marx: ‘In order to find their own content, the revolutions of the nineteenth century have to let the dead bury the dead.’ The social revolution cannot draw its poetry from the past but only from the future.i Hence, a descent to roots and a return to the source are not the solution. The existence of a black civilisation that disappeared in the 15th century does not grant black people ‘a badge of humanity’: ‘I am not a man of any past.

Ernest Mandel (1968): On Roman Rosdolsky (1898-1967)

25 November 2023

With Roman Rosdolsky, who passed away in 1967 in Detroit in the United States, the last surviving founding member of the communist movement in western Ukraine and one of the most remarkable Marxists of recent decades passed away.

The fate of Rosdolsky is characteristic of an entire generation of European revolutionaries. His peculiarity was that he survived the successive persecutions by local fascism as well as Nazism and Stalinism.


Support the IIRE youth school 2023!

24 July 2023

This summer, the IIRE organizes again an international school for young socialist activists. This youth school is a unique opportunity for activists to come together, learn, exchange experiences and build networks. 

In recent years, our regular program of yearly youth schools was interrupted by the pandemic. Fortunately, we are now able to return to our regular rhythm of educational courses 

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