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Marcel van der Linden

16 January 2016

Research director at the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam and professor of sical movement history at the University of Amsterdam

Marcel van der Linden is a dutch academic and works as editor or co-editor on numerous journals, reviews and magazines. His main field of study is global and conmparative labour history.


Selcted publications:

- Transnational Labour History: Explorations (Aldershot [etc.]: Ashgate, 2003). XIV + 226 pp.

- [Edited with Arvind N. Das] Work and Social Change in Asia: Essays in Honour of Jan Breman (New Delhi: Manohar, 2002).

- [Edited with Lex Heerma van Voss] Class and Other Identities. Gender, Religion and Ethnicity in the Writing of European Labour History (New York and Oxford: Berghahn, 2002). vi + 250 pp.

The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, (Berne [etc.]: Peter Lang Academic, 2000), 624 pp.

Labour Relations in Asia and Europe, Edited with Tommy Koh (Singapore: Asia-Europe Foundation, 2000), XIV + 121 pp.

The Rise and Development of Collective Labour Law, Edited with Richard Price (Bern: Peter Lang, 2000), 459 pp.

Prolegomena for a Global Labour History, With Jan Lucassen (Amsterdam: IISH, 1999), 24 pp.

New Methods for Social History, Edited with Larry Griffin (Cambridge University Press, 1999), 165 pp.

Free and Unfree Labour: The Debate Continues, Edited with Tom Brass. (Bern: Peter Lang Academic Publishers, 1997), 602 pp.

'Peripheral' Labour? Studies in the History of Partial Proletarianization, Edited with Shahid Amin (Cambridge: University Press, 1997), IV + 177 pp.

Social Security Mutualism. The Comparative History of Mutual Benefit Societies, (Bern [etc.]: Peter Lang, 1996), 708 pp.

Racism and the Labour Market. Historical Studies, Edited with Jan Lucassen (Bern [etc.]: Peter Lang, 1995), 648 pp.

The End of Labour History?, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994), 175 pp. (- Russian:Konec rabo eij istorii?, (Moscow: Center for Social History, 1996), 260 pp.)

Revolutionary Syndicalism: An International Perspective, Edited with Wayne Thorpe, (Aldershot: Gower/Scolar Press, 1990), 260 pp.

The Formation of Labour Movements, 1870-1914. An International Perspective, Edited with Jürgen Rojahn, (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1990), Two volumes, 819 pp.

Internationalism in the Labour Movement, 1830-1940, Edited with Frits van Holthoon (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1988), Two volumes, 699 pp.

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