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Report from Fellows' seminar July 2005

30 January 2005

IIRE Fellows rethink global justice

Changes in the capitalist system and the rise of the global justice movement are posing big challenges for the kind of political education we do at the IIRE. We took these challenges into account three years ago when we renamed our annual fall North-South School a Global Justice School. But until now the lecturers who do the teaching at it have not had a chance to discuss the new challenges in depth with each other.

Report from Fellows' Seminar 1999

3 July 1999

Fellows discuss IIRE's future course

Every participant in a session at the IIRE writes a balance sheet at the end of the session, and these remarks and suggestions are important for the content and format of future sessions. But because our Fellows come from all over the world, it is not easy to bring permanent staff and collaborators together to collectively exchange experiences with sessions and discuss future activities.

Gay Seminar 'Can Make a Difference

11 August 1998

This seminar at the IIRE on August 11-16 was my first lesbian/ gay/ bisexual/ transgender (LGBT) seminar at the Institute. It was the most exciting opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion on LGBT issues from a radical perspective that I have ever experienced. I think it is an extremely valuable site for discussion and debate.

27 mai - La crise en Europe : Une perspective anticapitaliste

1 January 1970
L'actuelle crise économique montre une nouvelle fois que l'économie et le dévellopement politique ne s'arrête pas aux frontières nationales. Certains politiciens en concluent que l'Union Européenne devrait jouer une rôle plus important pour solutionner la crise. Mais l'UE est elle-même une part du problème puisqu'elle propage le même type de politiques néolibérales qui sont la cause de cette crise. A quoi devrait ressembler une approche de gauche à l'échelle européenne ?
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