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No 76. Hope and Marxism. Historical and Theoretical Essays

  • By: Ernest Mandel

    This book collects essays exploring Marxist theory and history. Most of the texts are newly translated. Essays include historical examinations of Rosa Luxemburg’s place in the German workers movement, the development of the bourgeois state, and of the roots of Nazi violence.

No 72. Marxists against Stalinism

  • By: Ernest Mandel, Chris Harman, Paul Le Blanc

    As the USSR disintegrated in 1990 and 1991, the Socialist Workers Party and the Fourth International took different views of the impending privatizations. Marxists Against Stalinism brings together powerful contributions from Ernest Mandel and Chris Harman in the long-running debate on the class nature of the USSR.

No 70. System Crash. An activist guide to making revolution.

  • By: Neil Faulkner, Phil Hearse, Nina Fortune, Rowan Fortune and Simon Hannah

    “Our collective future demands we start listening to people who can imagine a system other than globalised capitalism.

No 71. Introduction to Marxist Theory

  • By: Ernest Mandel

    Introduction to Marxist Theory contains a selection of essays on key subjects Mandel worked on: the theory of the state, imperialism, reformism, and bureaucracy. “The Leninist Theory of Organisation” is an influential essay on class consciousness and organisation.

No. 73. The Paris commune. An Ode to Emancipation

  • By: Terry Conway, Penelope Duggan, Fred Leplat (eds)

    The Paris Commune of 1871 was one of the first working class attempts at the social emancipation of the oppressed and exploited. Between 18 March and 29 May 1871, the popular classes succeeded for a while in breaking their chains.

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