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No. 73. The Paris commune. An Ode to Emancipation

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No 73. The Paris Commune. An Ode to Emancipation.

The Paris Commune of 1871 was one of the first working class attempts at the social emancipation of the oppressed and exploited. Between 18 March and 29 May 1871, the popular classes succeeded for a while in breaking their chains. It was a short period when people could take control of their lives. The Paris Commune is an inspiration today. The memory of the past and its struggles strengthens the fight for the utopia of the future.

3 & 4 september: workshop ''Historicizing the Imperial Mode of Living''

6 July 2021

In de serie “The imperialist Mode of Living” zal op 3-4 september in Amsterdam het thema “Historicizing the Imperial Mode of Living” aan de orde komen. Organisatie SOC21 en de Rosa Luxemburg Stichting. Met steun van de Stichting voor Onderzoek naar en vorming in het Wetenschappelijk Socialisme en Het Internationaal Instituut voor Onderzoek en Scholing. Voertaal Engels.

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